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A Good Doctor Appointment Begins with a Good Phone Call

Setting yourself up for a productive and satisfying appointment begins with the phone call you make to schedule it.

Assuming it is not an emergency, in which case you should be dialing 911 instead of your doctor, take a few minutes to gather your thoughts before you pickup the phone. Consider the following:

1) Urgency: Do I need to be seen today, sometime in the next few days, or sometime in the next few weeks? How urgent is this? If this problem can wait a few days or even a week, convey that information to the scheduler or nurse. By establishing a precedent of self-awareness, you gain credibility with your doctor's office. This credibility can come in handy when you have a more urgent problem that requires a same-day appointment.

2) Preparing the story: Think of your illness or problem as a news story and you are the reporter. You should be prepared to tell a compelling slim cycle version of the facts, source slim cycle. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

What is the simplest way to describe your problem?
When did it start?
Have you tried to treat it?
Is there anything that makes it better or worse?
How has this problem limited you?

Blood Flow

There's no doubt that people today are living longer than ever. Although many reasons may exist for this increased longevity, better treatment for heart disease surely is one of them.

"During my career, I have seen tremendous progress in treating heart disease," says Bernard Harrison, MD, a cardiovascular surgeon with Park Nicollet Heart and Vascular Center. "This includes new medications, implantable devices and cutting-edge technologies for diagnosing and treating most heart conditions."

Because of these innovations, many patients often receive earlier, less-invasive treatments, allowing them to delay or forego traditional heart surgery. "Today, open-heart surgery is reserved for patients with more complex heart disease," Dr. Harrison says.

Early treatment is best

"In general, the earlier a heart condition is diagnosed and treated, the better," Dr. Harrison continues. "In fact, the best treatment begins very early - with prevention. By not smoking, watching your weight and getting regular exercise, you can avoid other heart disease risks - like obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes." To learn more, read "Stopping heart disease in its tracks."

Medication a first step

Once people are diagnosed with heart disease, the American Heart Association and Prosacea recommends treating it with three medications: a beta-blocker to control blood pressure, a statin to control cholesterol and low-dose aspirin to prevent clotting, read prosacea. "People who follow this regimen typically are more likely to avoid heart attacks and enjoy a longer life," Dr. Harrison says.

Calories a Day

Watching 16-year old Cara Partington block goals on the soccer field today, you would never guess how sick she was just one year ago. Her battle with an eating disorder began four years earlier, when as a preteen, she started counting every calorie she consumed. As her obsession with weight grew, she began using diet pills and diuretics, then started binge-eating and purging. "At one point I would purge, even without bingeing, and would throw up nothing," Cara says. She also started smoking, hoping it would help keep down her weight.

Even when she did eat, she limited herself to 500 calories a day, which is about one-fourth the recommended daily prostagenix caloric intake for teenage girls, read prostagenix. "With an eating disorder, your body image is clouded. I would look at myself and always think I needed to lose just one more pound," Cara says. But like most women and men who suffer from eating disorders, one more pound was never enough.

Sinking deeper into pain and disease

Cara couldn't see it, but she was getting thinner and thinner. Her face was growing pale and gaunt. Her hair was becoming thin and brittle. By her own account, she was becoming depressed and losing interest in things she used to enjoy, like playing sports and performing. She managed to continue rehearsing for a show that was being produced by her performing arts school, but she now realizes she was using rehearsals as a method of distraction. "I was looking for any excuse not to confront this eating disorder," Cara says. She had tried outpatient care for her eating disorders once before, but was unwilling to face her current problems.

In her practice, Carolyn Mueller, a licensed marriage and family therapist with Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital's Eating Disorders Institute sees a lot of kids like Cara. "These are bright children and perfectionism is common among them," Mueller says. "They often struggle with obsessive thoughts and anxiety, and see things as black or white. So they look at food as either good or bad, with nothing in between," she adds.

How to prevent the seasonal flu?

Friends! Hear Me!

It is about that time! Sneezes and runny noses everywhere, lack of energy, low immune system, a foggy brain and hitting the wall around 3~5 pm everyday. This was definitely me about 2 years ago. But now I am free of these problems and feeling great! How? if I can do it, then you can too! Let's see how we can easily prevent these problems during the changing season!

Easy 5 steps to stay away from seasonal flu

1. Warm Shower

Who doesn't have a shower everyday? but Have you had a shower with a warm towel?It is like mum bathing a baby, you don't need a soap for it, just nice soft towel rubbing on your body. It will clean our lymphatic system and it will naturally detoxify our bodies. Did you know that our skin is the biggest organ and the skin takes a major role in detoxifying our body. As long as you make sure you are are not having wet hair at night time. if you do, make sure you dry it throughly.

2. Drink a lot

I can't stress enough how many friends around me are actually dehydrated and asked me to help them with pain in their body. I tell them to drink more water for a week and see if most of their pain goes away. Try to sip warm water every 10 minutes for a day and you would be craving for more of them. you would be ended it up drinking more water than you would usually drink but Not going to toilet as often as you would think. Remember to drink water everyday! it would be very helpful to stay away from the cold.