Everything about Commercial Vinyl Floor Tile

There are different types and sorts of floor tiles but in this article we're going to concentrate our attention on commercial vinyl floor tile. It is very practical and it makes it extremely popular among numerous business owners. However, it can be used not for businesses only. You can often see it in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals schools, and retail showrooms. There are a few advantages to installing this flooring type. Some of the benefits include the ease of cleaning, durability, comfort of use. Besides, this floor is very pleasant to walk on and is slip resistant that is highly appreciated by people with small children and older people. However, this tile floor is not ideal just like everything in the world. Thus, these tiles are prone to scratches, can be cut or dented.

Commercial vinyl floor tile is produced from plastic mainly and is usually available in sheets which are twelve feet wide. If you manage to install these tiles without seams or with a minimal number of them, the floor will be resistant to leaking of water underneath.

There're two basic types of vinyl flooring. The first one is inlaid vinyl flooring that is the most expensive option here. The colors or patterns are penetrated deep into the material, that's why it is called inlaid. On the other hand, there is printed vinyl which is less expensive due to the fact that the vinyl base is located on a thin layer of veneer.

Commercial vinyl floor tile can be laid on top of plywood sub floors, concrete subfloors, wood or linoleum. Before starting the installation process the sub floor needs to be prepared properly, look betterhelp. Ensure that it is free of debris and completely clean and has nothing on its surface that can potentially cause the vinyl becoming not flat. It includes raised heads of nails as well. The inlaid type lasts usually longer due to its higher durability. If you're comfortable with installing this flooring on your own, it can be a rather easy for you do this job. But if you need these tiles to be installed for a business it is better to hire a team of professionals. Usually a business requires more flooring to be laid. Thus, the bulk of work is much more extensive.

If you need to lay the commercial vinyl floor tile on a sub floor made of natural wood then you'll have to have a plywood installed under the floor before installing the vinyl tiles. The plywood must be as thick as a quarter inch. You probably don't want your floor to show each flaw of the wood. So, that's why this step is so important. If you need to install commercial vinyl floor tile over a concrete floor then ensure that it is smooth enough. You may need to repair the subfloor and do the patching to make the surface maximally smooth for laying vinyl over it.

If your garage floor requires trustworthy protection we provide a few different ways of offering this protection to it - applying a garage floor sealer in combination with commercial vinyl floor tile. In this case your floor will look marvelous bringing your many moments of pleasure from using it.