Everything About Sleeveless Shirts

A sleeveless shirt is also known as a tank top or singlet, rarely vest. It’s a shirt without sleeves, or the one with the sleeves being cut off. Sleeveless shirts are nowadays used by both men and women. It’s more important to select the proper style for their wearing. Tank tops are usually worn by sports people going in for track and field sports and bicycling. Tank tops were especially popular in the United States since the 1980s as casual clothing. They are greatly appreciated in hot countries, as the arm holes offer ventilation and the natural fabric offers comfort. At first sleeveless shirts were mostly popular among men, but today they are appreciated by women and girls as well.

The word "wifebeater," originates from the popularity of the shirt among post-war men who belonged to the working class. Those men used to wear them as upper clothing. And the string vest is no longer manufctured in the United Kingdom, but a string semmit is rather popular as it was made famous by Rab C. Nesbitt, first person in the TV sitcom.

Usually, a tank top is worn by ordinary people under the shirt as underwear, but extremely colorful and well-designed tank tops are worn as outer clothing. In Australian English a tank top is called a singlet while in British English, the term vest is more commonly used, and a tank top is considered to be a sleeveless pullover, more spinn coffee. It's sometimes called a wife beater and Guinea tee. The name tank top known since 1968 has been introduced due to the resemblance to a tank suit while looking like a part of a women's swimsuit. And the tankini (mixture of a tank top and bikini) is a female swimming version of the tank top.

A halter top is another sleeveless shirt with a strap going around the neck and with the upper part of the back open. Usually young girls prefer halter tops. And a tube top is a sleeveless shirt that as if wraps a woman's torso. People in Great Britain and Australia call it a "boob tube".

A cutoff shirt is another shirt with the cut off sleeves usually preferred by men. A spaghetti-strapped shirt has thin strings or material holding the shirt. It comes from England and has been always famous among rich men, but nowadays it’s mostly worn by girls and women. A T-back shirt is narrower in the back than in the front. It looks like a halter top for men.

The structure of an A-shirt isn’t difficult. And the neck and armholes are made for the longer durability. Such a shirt may have deep armholes and a neckline coming down to the mid-chest. Most of sleeveless t-shirts are rather long, have no buttons, collars, and pockets. An A-shirt is usually produced from ribbed cotton or other fiber and over-sized A-shirts are extremely popular nowadays, especially among young people. They can serve excellent nightshirts. As a rule, A-shirt are white, black and grey in color.