How to Complete Screen Door Repair Correctly

Screen door repair is one of the things which are usually put off by most of homeowners until mosquitoes and flies start invading the house. The reason for this is that most people think that it is a rather difficult and time-consuming project but in reality it is not. There is no need to put it off anymore, as in fact there is nothing in a screen door that a can't be fixed by a do-it-yourselfer on his own. I'll tell you more - even a woman can cope with this taskā€¦ if she wants to, of course.

So, what you will need to fix the screen door can be easily found at the nearest home improvement or hardware store. Screen door repair won't require more from you than an hour of your weekend. Further, you're given a few brief steps of what has to be done to correctly complete screen door repair.


1. Remove the door off and locate it on a flat clean surface. Take out the old screen from this door, source red copper square dance pan. It's recommended to get a flathead screwdriver beforehand. It will be needed to get the spline end out of groove and to pull it out.

2. Cut the new screen with the corresponding tool. It should be about two inches larger than the door opening. Put the screen over the door opening. It has to be pressed into the groove with the help of the convex end of a specially designed installation tool. Ensure that you hold the door screen in place while working it into the groove. It should stay tight and straight.

3. Beginning from one corner, the new spline should be set at the groove. With the concave end of the special installation tool, the spline has to be pressed in the groove. Getting to the last several inches the spline should be cut with a pair of scissors. At this stage the installation process can be considered completed. With the help of a utility knife, trim off the unnecessary screen on the outside of the spline.

4. Remove old rollers. Pry gently the old roller set from the door's bottom with a flathead screwdriver. There're doors that have a spring clip, it has to be released. Further, the new roller set should be inserted into the door's bottom. Finally install the clips that will hold the roller in the right place.

5. Now it's high time to remove the old door handle on your sliding screen door. You will find it easy to do with the help of a screwdriver. The handle is represented by a piece of plastic that has a recess in it for you to grab onto conveniently. Replace this handle with a new one with the same screws.

Now you know how to accomplish screen door repair in the right way. following the upper offered steps you'll find this do-it-yourself project easy, fast and even enjoyable. Good luck!