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How to prevent the seasonal flu?

Friends! Hear Me!

It is about that time! Sneezes and runny noses everywhere, lack of energy, low immune system, a foggy brain and hitting the wall around 3~5 pm everyday. This was definitely me about 2 years ago. But now I am free of these problems and feeling great! How? if I can do it, then you can too! Let's see how we can easily prevent these problems during the changing season!

Easy 5 steps to stay away from seasonal flu

1. Warm Shower

Who doesn't have a shower everyday? but Have you had a shower with a warm towel?It is like mum bathing a baby, you don't need a soap for it, just nice soft towel rubbing on your body. It will clean our lymphatic system and it will naturally detoxify our bodies. Did you know that our skin is the biggest organ and the skin takes a major role in detoxifying our body. As long as you make sure you are are not having wet hair at night time. if you do, make sure you dry it throughly.

2. Drink a lot

I can't stress enough how many friends around me are actually dehydrated and asked me to help them with pain in their body. I tell them to drink more water for a week and see if most of their pain goes away. Try to sip warm water every 10 minutes for a day and you would be craving for more of them. you would be ended it up drinking more water than you would usually drink but Not going to toilet as often as you would think. Remember to drink water everyday! it would be very helpful to stay away from the cold.

3. Eat whole food

We all know 'eating well' is really important, but how well do you eat? there are so many diets out there that it becomes overwhelming and confusing. But still many of us cannot achieve our health goals: lose weight, stay healthy, energized body, Prevent chronic diseases and try to eat Whole Food . "LHI"- Low Human intervention. I am drinking vegetable juice everyday and it helps me everyday with being energized and healthy but if I eat High "HI" food-packaged food, pre-made and processed food, then I would not have these benefits at all!

4. Movement

One of the biggest organ in our body is skin and 'sweating toxins out of our system is very important. It doesn't have to be solid exercise planning but it could be just nice walking for 30 minutes, yoga, your favorite workout, whatever will make you sweat, then you are on the right track.

5. Sleep well

If you are not getting enough sleep in a day, then your diet, hormone, body all get confused.- Have you experienced cravings for sugar and caffeine more after not getting enough sleep? and being a grumpy pants.(Yeah this has been me!) So your immune system has dropped down immensely and that's the time when you get a cold. Remember a solid 6~8 hours sleep a day without waking up in the middle of night would be a good nights sleep.

This five easy steps would be another way of "spring detoxing", our body is coming out of the winter threat and this is the perfect time for us to detoxify our body system. It is like spring cleaning the house. We should clean the house we couldn't during winter, we should get rid of junk we had during winter and pack up all the winter stuff and put it away and invite in warm spring!

Let's look after our body with one step at a time, and Live Awesome.