Norwegian Buhund Temperament and Lifespan

Norwegian Buhund belongs to a group of Greenland, Siberia and the Kamchatka dogs. Norwegian Buhund used to work in a team, as well as because of their fine instinct for hunting. If necessary, these dogs are trained for various jobs on the farm, as well as pasture and paddocks of deer. Norwegian dog has been well-known since the Middle Ages, its name is translated as "farm dog". Modern dogs are slightly smaller than the old type of Buhund, and are used mainly for guarding.

Norwegian Buhund is vigilant, responsible caretaker, having live temperament and simplicity which makes this breed very popular. They can live in the street as well as in the house. They are ready to manage any animals and even humans into the herd. The dogs' life expectancy is usually about 12-13 years depending on the living conditions.

How Much Does a Norwegian Buhund Cost and Price Range

If you are going to have Norwegian Buhund as your pet, you should be ready to pay about $1000. You can find the lower price for the pet quality dog but not less than $850-$900 depending on the breeder. As you should understand, the breed quality dogs as well as the show quality dogs will cost you more.

Norwegian Buhund Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The representatives of the breed Norwegian buhund have small compact body. Height is 42-45 cm. Weight of Norwegian buhund is about 25 kg. The head is large, its forehead tapers towards the bottom. Eyes are dark and lively. Ears are of pointed shape, moving. Tail of Norwegian buhund is short, thick, twisted in tight ring. Legs are strong, pads are small and oval. Norwegian buhunda Wool is thick, short on face and longer on the rest of the body. Norwegian buhunda Color: wheat, black, medium-red, camel, black and gray, always monophonic or with symmetrical markings. Photo Norwegian buhunda can be seen on the right.

Norwegian Buhund Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Norwegian Buhund are very clean creatures and almost never have specific dog smell. It is enough to clean the wool of Buhund a couple of times a week and wash the dog when it is necessary.

This cheerful dog is always very energetic and will charge your energy anyone who will start to communicate with him. It is an excellent companion for jogging in the fresh air or cycling. By the way, if you keep Buhund in an urban setting, the walks with the active creation should last at least two hours a day. And living in the country, this dog will feel comfortable outside in the equipped kennel and vigilantly protecting your house from intruders.